Top 6+ Best Weed Custom Grinders So You Don’t Waste

Vapes and moving papers are everything except futile if you don’t have the correct granulate on your cannabis bud. A quality weed processor will consistently slice through your item, filtering out the terrible pieces and protecting the extra-strong kief (or dust) for an ideal smoking background, which means no filthy smoke, no squandered item.

custom grinders
custom grinders

You can genuinely put resources into this embellishment on the off chance that you need. However, you can likewise locate some active, economical choices. These ten best weed custom grinders—a large portion of them with four pieces to granulate bud, filter dust, and store the outcomes appropriately—are accessible on the web and fit any financial limit.


Because it’s shoddy doesn’t mean it’s fundamental. This processor accompanies five pieces—including two work screens to filter dust from your weed, and a little scrubber to use for the catch plate so not a grain is squandered—with sharp teeth and an attractive seal. If it appears to be excessively huge, at that point expel a working screen or two to abbreviate it.


The Kingdom processor is almost as large as the palm of your hand, extraordinary for when you have a lot of buds, and you don’t should be discrete. Its four pieces incorporate an attractively fixed top, a processor, a working screen, and a catch plate, and its 45 teeth guarantee smooth pounding.


While the central and Kingtop processors are produced using zinc amalgam, Amsterdam is the least expensive processor on this rundown built using hardier aluminum. Its teeth are distinctive as well: Their bent jewel shape granulates out super-fine residue. It’s a robust and modest alternative for everyday use.

Mendo Mulcher

Mendo Mulcher makes some outstanding processors—hard and fast of flying machine evaluation billet aluminum—yet this one may be the most helpful. At just 1.75 inches, it’s best for movement, and its extra-grippy development guarantees you won’t goof while utilizing it notwithstanding its small size. With only two pieces, however, it doesn’t have a working channel.


For a progressively material choice, get Aerospaced’s processor. The hand wrench works a vast arrangement of edges, which slash up weed and channel it through a working screen. The unmistakable cover enables you to screen the whole task.

Enchantment Flight

Enchantment Flight’s Launch Box processor is a piece of its full Launch Box vape unit, fitting cozily over the opening of the vape so you can move newly ground bud without a wreck. In case you’re searching for a flawlessly cut wooden processor that matches its vape, pick this one.