Confetti Cannon Hire | Major 2 Types of Confetti Cannon

While the name “gun” may strike up pictures of something from medieval occasions, our confetti guns are genuinely front line. Confetti guns come in all shapes and sizes. From pocket measured Flutter Flickers that dispatch a shower of confetti with a basic flick of a wrist, to our Co2 worked guns for that vast explosion impact.

Confetti Cannon Hire | Major 2 Types of COnfetti Cannon
Confetti Cannon Hire | Major 2 Types of COnfetti Cannon

There’s a Flutter FETTI gun simply hanging tight to include that WOW factor. Tallness is never an issue as our confetti guns can be utilized in scenes with roofs as low as 9 feet to outside settings with no roof. Contingent upon your confetti gun determination, the confetti will fly, buoy, and stagger from 15 feet to a dumbfounding 100 feet into the air!

2 Types of Confetti Cannons

Here at Confetti Magic, we have the most extensive scope of confetti and streamer guns, launchers and blowers accessible in Australia.

Triple Barrelled Confetti Cannon

The benefit of these units is that each barrel can be autonomously let go from a remote area, enabling the impact to be rehashed multiple times at different focuses all through the occasion.The 85mm barrels can likewise be utilized to flame limited time products, for example, logo bugs or T-shirts. At the point when associated with a perpetual air supply, the unit can be let go on various occasions, restricted just by the extent of the air barrel and the measure of ammo.

Confetti Cannon Hire
Confetti Cannon Hire

Remote Control Confetti Cannon

These remote control confetti guns can be set anyplace in a space to make a quick shot of confetti or streamers on the push of a discrete hand-held catch. The units contain a battery-powered battery, so no power links are required. Regularly let go from a phase or over a moving floor, various groups can be terminated from a similar catch to make a phenomenal, shock impact.


The cartridges come in little and expansive and can be uniquely stacked with any mix of confetti or potentially streamers in your preferred shades. The rounds give an only shot a completely charged air barrel in everyone, so no smoke to set off cautions. Our compacted air Confetti Cannons are ideal for large gatherings and festivities, and the tissue-paper confetti is biodegradable.

To work, permanently hold with two hands and wind the base of the unit; the confetti will impact into the air with a decent “pop”! These substantial Confetti Cannons are non-pyrotechnic; instead, they utilize packed air to flame the confetti, which implies no smoke or hot cylinders after they are being used! Our Confetti Cannons hire can be used inside or outside and will shoot confetti over 20ft into the air!